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Subsidiary Introduction
Shaanxi Tech-Win Trade Co., Ltd.

     Shaanxi Tech-Win Trade Co., Ltd. is a share holding company established in accordance with Chinas modern enterprise    system on the basis of Tender Dept., Complete Equipment Dept. and Import Dept. of China Shaanxi Machinery Import and Export Corporation. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export business. Owing to the diversification strategy, the company developed a wide scope of business and market. The export businesses are from complete equipment to common  merchandise. In recent years, the company has made great achievements in international tenders and import projects.   The business volome reached USD14.78 million. In 2003, the company successfully contracted the export business of 4 ships to  Germany, amounting more than USD100 million.

     The main business scope is as followings£º

     Import Business£º Various machinery and equipment, production lines; Various types of steels; Cars,tyres and automobile parts; Medical Equipment; Highway equipment, asphalt;

     Tender Business£º Tender projects home and abroad, including£º Various complet plants and equipment in the fields of power station,  power transmission lines, and substations; Cables and wires;  complet equipment for water treatment and environmental protection, natural gas distribution, and auto-control; medical instrucment, teaching apparatus; sugar making plant, paper-making plant and cement mill; Various vehicles; Various building machinery; Various ships; Telecom Cables; Railway equipment; etc.

China Shaanxi Dacheng International Trade Co. Ltd.
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